Obligatory Transfer

This is how students from other post-secondary institutions (IES) of similar origin to that of the University of Brasilia (UnB), or abroad, may enroll at any time, regardless of available places. The law grants this possibility to federal and civil workers, and the military who have been relocated to the Federal District due to their position held.

Who can participate? Federal or civil workers, military personnel, or their legal dependants studying at the time of relocation. Also included in this group are civil servants (and their legal dependants) who are to take office as President of the Republic, Supreme Court judges, ministers of state, executive secretaries of ministries, and military officers with a rank of Level R-2 exercising compulsory activities; or to serve out a parliamentary term of office not preceded by any other continual federal term of office; and for appointment to positions as authorized by the Council on Teaching, Research and Extension (CEPE).

In order to participate, an applicant must be enrolled as a regular student in a post-secondary institution similar to UnB at the date of publication of the relocation act or transfer. (In accordance with Law no. 9,394, Art.19, Paragraph 1). They must also prove (by way of public document) that they were compulsorily relocated or transferred due to their position held, changed residency to the Federal District, and had resided in the previous residence and will reside in their new one for a period of time greater than six months. At their own discretion and with the agreement from the previous institution, students transferred in their last year of studies may take the necessary courses to finish the course as special students.

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