Special Students

Special Students

Special students take individual courses unconnected to any undergraduate or graduate course. Eligible participants include college graduates; regular students enrolled in their last year of undergraduate studies (with the right to admittance through obligatory transfer according to the legislation rules); regular students enrolled in another post-secondary institution; and interested parties who have a diploma revalidation process already underway at UnB.

Those interested are to request enrollment at the academic unit responsible for the course, and within the time period established on the university calendar. The following forms must be filled out: Application for Admission (Special Student), Special Student, Request for Course Enrollment, and Reasons Given. In addition, the corresponding application fee must be paid and the following documents presented:

College graduates
• identification card;
• voting ID card and proof of having voted;
• diploma or registration card from the respective professional council;
• transcript.
Regular students from other post-secondary institutions
• identification card;
• voter identification card and proof of having voted;
• statement from the original post-secondary institution stating that he or she is a regular student there;
• transcript from the original post-secondary institution.

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