The college entrance examination (vestibular) is the most traditional form of enrollment into the University of Brasilia. It is an exam that evaluates the knowledge acquired in three years of high school. In compliance with the Brazilian educational system, the following areas are evaluated:

  • Foreign Language (the candidate may choose English, Spanish or French)
  • Portuguese Language, and Literatures;
  • Geography and History;
  • Arts (Drama, Visual Arts and Music);
  • Philosophy and Sociology;
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics;
  • Portuguese Composition.

Except for the foreign language tests, the vestibular is written in Portuguese and requires advanced knowledge of that language.

Applications are made by filling out the online form by a deadline set by the Center for Selection and Promotion of Events at the University of Brasilia (CESPE/UnB) which is responsible for administering the UnB vestibular. Applications are valid only after proof of payment of the fee specified in the invitation published by CESPE.

Applicants for the vestibular must have a certificate of conclusion of secondary education or equivalency. The candidate must be present on the day of the examination at the site designated by CESPE and have the following documents on person:

  • the original document of identification;
  • proof of registration and proof of payment of the registration fee, or, alternatively, the respective information ticket;
  • a black ballpoint pen, made with transparent material.

In the case of approval prior to taking the vestibular, the candidate is to present the following documents in order to enroll at UnB:

  • identification document;
  • certificate of enlistment in the Brazilian military (for male candidates);
  • individual taxpayer identification number (CPF), issued by the Federal Revenue Office of Brazil;
  • voter registration, accompanied by proof of voting or justification for not having voted in the last election, in both rounds, if applicable;
  • high school transcript and certificate of conclusion of secondary education.

 Candidates who do not present the specified documents may not take the test or enrol.

 What the examination is like

The vestibular consists of objective tests and an essay, both of which are compulsory for all candidates. The tests are administered in the Federal District (Brasília, Brazlândia, Ceilândia, Gama, Planaltina, Sobradinho and Taguatinga), and in the cities of Formosa, Goiania and Valparaíso in the state of Goiás, and Uberlândia in Minas Gerais, on the dates specified in each invitation.

 Objective Test

Four types of questions are applied on the vestibular test. Type A are true-false. Type B are situations to be ranked on a numerical scale ranging from 0 to 999. Type C questions evaluate the student’s capacity to analyze options and make decisions, otherwise known as multiple choice. Type D analyzes the student’s writing ability through responses to essay questions.


Composition is evaluated in terms of the candidate’s capacity for self-expression in writing. To be approved, the student must score a minimum of 4 points on a scale from 0 to 10.

Tests of Specific Abilities

To those candidates who wish to enrol in study courses which require unique capabilities, such as Architecture and Urbanism and Drama (Artes Cênicas), specific tests are given. Anyone who does not qualify on the specific abilities test can compete for a second study course of choice previously selected when applying.

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