Internal Auditor’s Office (AUD)


Internal Auditor’s Office (AUD)

The Internal Auditor’s Office of the University of Brasilia Foundation (FUB) was created on April 14, 1986, under Board of Directors Resolution no. 021/86. It is an advisory body directly linked to the President’s Office. Appointment of its director is within the sphere of competence of the president, as stated in Article 18, Item XVI of the General Regulations of the Institution.

Its basic purpose, besides advising senior management and the cost centers, is to strengthen management and bring greater rationality to control operations, as well as supporting the System Bodies of Internal Control of the Federal Executive Branch.

Every year, the Federal Comptroller’s Office (CGU) evaluates the internal audit performance of Federal Bodies. See the latest reports:

- Internal Auditor Performance da FUB - 2006
- Internal Auditor Performance da FUB - 2007
- Internal Auditor Performance da FUB - 2008
- There was no CGU evaluation in 2009.
- Internal Auditor Performance da FUB - 2010


Structure: under construction.

Sector Veredas Quadra 3 Lote 2
Telephone: 55 61 3107 0224 

Below are some of the Internal Auditor responsibilities:

- To advise FUB managers on the implementation of government programs in order to determine the degree to which targets and goals are being met, and to establish the adequacy of management;

- To check the management body’s performance in order to prove the legality and legitimacy of its acts, and examine the results in terms of economy, effectiveness and efficiency of budget, finance, property and personnel management, among other administrative operating systems;

- To examine and issue a previous auditor’s report on the annual FUB accounts taken from special accounts;

- To coordinate the drafting of responses to inquiries made by the System Bodies of Internal Control of the Federal Executive Branch and the Government Accounting Office (TCU), forwarding the points raised in its audit reports to the responsible authorities within FUB, and monitoring the implementation of the recommendations of said authorities;

- Promptly communicate any irregularities to the Federal Office of Internal Control that may cause losses to the Treasury of the Secretariat of Internal Control, after having informed the director and exhausted all corrective measures from an administrative standpoint in order for reimbursement.

- To prepare the Annual Internal Auditing Activities (PAAAI), along with the Annual Report on the Activities of Internal Auditing (RAAAI), for the following fiscal year, both of which are to be sent to the Federal Controller-General Office by the last working day of the months of October and January of each year, respectively, in order to close whatever existing gaps there may be in the control activities.

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